Comunicado COVID-19

Nossos serviços continuam a ser regularmente prestados remotamente. Nossos advogados estão à disposição para atendê-los por e-mail ou por telefone, bem como para participar de reuniões via ferramentas virtuais, mantendo-se o mesmo nível de excelência na assessoria a todas as demandas.

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Pereira Neto | Macedo | Rocco advises non-governmental organizations recognized for the development of projects with a strong impact in the social area, with the same commitment of excellence with which it serves its corporate clients.

The objective of Sou da PAZ is to influence the performance of public power and of the whole society in the face of violence. Sou da Paz implements projects in the regions and with the public most affected by violence, advises governments in the elaboration and implementation of security policies and mobilizes society on the subject.

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The Lemann Foundation’s mission is to contribute in a relevant way to modernizing the management of public education systems in Brazil, with the objective of improving students’ performance in international external evaluations, bringing them closer to students from more developed countries (OECD). exceptional personal and professional development opportunities for individuals with high potential. Founded in 2002, the Lemann Foundation is an unfolding of the Lemann Family’s historic investment in programs and institutions that encourage the development of people through education or sport. It is a non-profit organization that chose as its focus the improvement of education in Brazil.

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