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Pereira Neto and França join forces to become “boutique of boutiques”






Wednesday, 25th July 2012 by Rachel Hall

Pereira Neto and França join forces to become “boutique of boutiques”


Brazil’s Pereira Neto | Macedo Advogados has merged with boutique corporate litigation firm França e Nunes Pereira, Advogados, boosting the firms’ partnership by three after six partners left to join other firms earlier this year.

The merger will see França e Nunes Pereira partners Edmur Nunes Pereira, Erasmo Valladão França and Rafael de Aguiar França and four associates join Pereira Neto’s team, bringing the firm’s headcount up to six partners and 32 lawyers. The newly merged firm will retain the Pereira Neto | Macedo Advogados name and will occupy Pereira Neto‘s existing offices in São Paulo and Brasilia.

Pereira Neto partner Caio Mario da Silva Pereira Neto says the tie up is the result of a strategy to become a “boutique of boutiques”, and conjoins his firm’s antitrust, corporate and regulatory practices with França e Nunes Pereira’s experience in corporate litigation and capital markets work. França affirms that the merger was decided on the basis that they “believed that expertise of both law firms in sophisticated cases could be extremely complementary.”

The merger follows a number of departures at Pereira Neto. Over the past couple of months, five partners have left to join Xavier Bragança Advogados, while another moved to LO Baptista, Schmidt, Valois, Miranda, Ferreira, Agel.

Pereira Neto says bringing França e Nunes Pereira on board is about more than “just replacing partners”. Instead, he describes it as a calculated move to focus on more highly complex deals, taking advantage of “synergies between the corporate and antitrust practices, regulatory issues, litigation and tax”. He adds that discussions had already been taking place between the two firms prior to the departures: “We’ve been friends with França for a while, we’ve worked on a number of cases together, so it’s not a merger where two firms are just getting to know each other, it’s a merger of partners which share a vision of the type of lawyering they want to provide for clients.”

The two firms have worked together for the past seven to eight years, and Pereira Neto says they have been talking about the prospect of merging for several of those years.

“Over the past six months negotiations picked up, and that’s when we moved on with the conversation,” he says. The merger was publicly announced in mid-July, and the

França e Nunes Pereira team is in the process of relocating to Pereira Neto’s offices. The team is hoping to complete the move by August.

Pereira Neto hopes the merger will allow the firm to capitalise on the Brazilian market’s growing sophistication, which he believes will accommodate more than large fullservice firms and boutiques in the future, and make room for medium-sized firms which have multiple specialised practice areas.



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